Vongoivan J-puppies six weeks old - and they all are reserved

The Vongoivan J-litter was born a bit more than six weeks ago, on the 21st of February, 2014. The male puppies, Jökull, Jaki and Jarpur, as well as the female ones, Jodis-Eyja, Johanna and Jofridur, are now all reserved, and will soon move to their new homes. I'm very happy that all puppies will get safe, loving and active homes.

The litter has been registered by Suomen Kennelliitto, the Finnish Kennel Association: http://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmKasvattaja.aspx?K=VONGOIVAN&R=289

Three generations of happy Icelandic Sheepdogs played together on our backyard yesterday, the 5th of April:


From the left: Stella (FI CH TK1 Runestone Mocha Latte), her daughter Minttu (FI CH, JW-11, TK1 Vongoivan Druna) and two of Minttu's J-litter: Vongoivan Jarpur and Vongoivan Jofridur.

Stella supervising the play of Minttu (Vongoivan Druna) and her half-sister Inga (Vongoivan Inga), and the six Vongoivan J-puppies  Jökull, Jaki, Jarpur, Jodis-Eyja, Johanna and Jofridur

There are more photos in the Finnish update of the J-litter, published today.

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